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Our vision is to deliver a legacy of inspiring buildings to clients who share our passion.

Whether you have a commercial or private project to undertake, our award winning RIBA chartered practice can deliver a unique solution to your demands of location, budget, design aspiration and building type.

With several decades of experience as architects and consultants, we understand the vital importance of communication and collaboration with clients, consultants, planners and government bodies. Our many projects include bespoke private eco-houses, offices, factories, education buildings, medical facilities, sustainable housing communities, visitor centres, hotels, leisure buildings and mixed use schemes.

And we’re rather good at what’s known in the trade as ‘Paragraph 55 houses’, which allows homes to be built in open countryside as long as they are ‘outstanding’ in design…

Our practice has received numerous awards and commendations over the year, each reflecting our ability to successfully deliver thoughtfully considered sustainable architecture, regardless of scale or budget.

Lambert Bardsley Reeve’s articulation of architecture is forward thinking, inspiring and sustainable in concept, detail and construction. It leads us to new challenges and future successes for our team – and most importantly for you, our clients.

Contact us today to find out how we can bring your project to life, for life…